Resolution Revolution and Back Again

Resolution # 5, Kiss a boy on the lips

I used to make Resolutions every year. It seemed like a sure-fire way, to set myself up, for that old self-fulfilling prophecy—feel free to join in—failure!

Here’s the list from when I was 15:

  1. Really read every book that I make a book report on forgive me God!
  2. Make straight A’s
  3. Make my bed everyday
  4. Kiss a boy on the lips
  5. Go on a diet

Here’s the list at 25:

  1. Recover couch purchased at auction in peach
  2. Grade student papers the same day they turn them in
  3. Exercise everyday check out Tae-kwando class @ Mr. Yu’s
  4. Make a list about what you want in a man he should be able to dance
  5. Do the grapefruit diet

And at 35:

  1. Have garage sale sell old couch 
  2. Clean the house on a daily schedule
  3. Take Matt for a walk everyday for exercise he can ride his Big Wheel
  4. Buy new underwear and nightgowns
  5. Do the South Beach Diet Once on the lips, forever on the hips!!!”

At 45:

I am so tired of these New Year’s Resolutions! I quit!!! I am not doing this to myself anymore. I’m going to make a goal in my life, I am going to reach a goal, not a list of particulars. I am freeing myself from this traditional routine!

Here’s my goal: I am going to live a healthier, happier lifestyle, by doing enjoyable things, and eating more natural foods. That’s it! 

Gee Wiz! That felt great.! I’m so glad I did it! I will have my goal in the back of my mind, and I  just know that this is going to work better for me. Everybody should try this!

My New Year’s Resolutions at 50:

  1. Go the extra mile to make everyone feel special
  2. Plant some flowers in the garden
  3. Tell my family I love them every night & play ball with Bandit 
  4. Check everyday to make sure I tool my meds
  5. Get back on the Diet

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