True Story: The Shoes

"I'm gonna crack someone's head"

Our son Matt, works at a local sporting goods store. When he came home on January 1st, he said, “You won’t believe what happened today.” A man came in and was acting kind of nuts. He looked around the store for a long time. It was clear he was on drugs, had a hangover, something. He worried everyone in the store by his erratic behavior. Finally he bought a pair of tennis shoes and left. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. After a while the sales people saw that he was coming back. Each of them grabbed a bat, because this guy made everyone nervous. They were standing there leaning on their bats, hitting the bottom of their shoes, swinging their bats randomly.

He came back in and said, “Would you be able to sell me a pair of shoes at a discount. I took the pair I just bought, and put them in the bed of my friend’s truck. I did some other shopping. When I got back to his truck, they were gone. I really liked those shoes. But I can’t afford to buy another pair. Maybe you could sell me a second pair cheap.” The sales people, figured that he was trying to get a discount for a friend by telling a lie. So they told him they were sorry, but they couldn’t do that. Then in his anger he screamed, “I’m gonna’ crack someone’s head!!!” They were all relieved when he left.

A couple of hours later, a man came walking in with a pair of shoes wrapped in a bag and said, “I got home, and looked in the back of my pickup truck, and there were these shoes from your store. I don’t know how they got there. They aren’t mine and I can’t use them. So I thought I would bring them back to your store.”

The first man put the shoes in the back of the wrong truck. True story!

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