The Walk of Salvation

When I walk through the dark of night,

God is walking there with me.

In the heat of day,

He is there.

His angels go before me,

And prepare my way.

They encircle me,

And hold me up at His command.

God knows the song that my heart needs to sing.

No one moves me like He does.

He is my sustenance and my health.

The days of my life are measured by Him.

His words jump in my heart, like a drum.

Pounding out the pace of my steps.

His Spirit helps me to lay down my life,

When I’m sure I can do it no more.

It is He who is God, in the heavens above,

Who surrounds me on all sides.

He will be first, foremost and faithful.

He is the strength that moves my arms,

And makes my hands grasp onto all that is good.

He is the pillar of fire blazing out a trail ahead of me.

He strengthens my legs,

To endure the walk of salvation.

Teaching me to master the shield of faith,

That quenches the fires of great trial.

My enemies watch for me to stumble.

But God makes my feet sure,

And leads me to holiness.

Oh Bright and Morning Star,

The Savior of My Soul,

Why would you care for someone like me?

You have loved me well,

And hold me in your hand.

You have written my name in your book.

Each day I draw nearer to you.

And when at last, you call me home,

I will come without fear.

I will join those who wait in the heavens,

As we witness the end of the age,

We’ll rejoice with Jesus the King.

We will sing songs of triumph,

As our joy is made complete,

In the Great and Mighty Day of God.

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