A Lifelong Dream From God- “I Will Come As A Thief In the Night!”

I released this dream publicly when I turned 50. I am grateful to the Lord for my life. The first week of January, 2010, God also spoke to me one morning, telling me to begin praying for Revival in the Springfield area. I had this dream, when I was 21. It is a dream that God gave me, as a lifetime dream. I would like to share it as 6 scenes. After each scene, I will give you what I have as the interpretation so far. I would also like you to know, at the time I had this dream, I had never read the Book of Revelation.

 The Dream: “I Will Come as a Thief in the Night”

Scene 1

I was in front of my parents’ house sitting in the car with my husband. He was in the drivers’ seat. We drove backwards down the hill, and you couldn’t see the car, as it went into a wooded area. I was watching this in the dream, from the top of the hill. I drove back up the hill and I was in the driver’s seat and my husband was gone. The car stopped at the house on the corner across the street from where my parents lived at that time. I stopped the car and got out. I walked into the driveway and began praising the Lord with other people. We were worshipping, and praising God, raising our hands to Him, and ministering to others for a long time. I sensed the pleasure of God.


At that time I was in a troubled marriage with my ex-husband, he was the driver of the car. I was distraught because he did not know the Lord and was living in sin to the point, that I could not continue to be his wife. I had been in prayer for a long time about this, and God commanded me to leave the situation. We divorced, shortly after this dream. Three years later, I remarried. We served God and ministered together in worship, pastoring, teaching, and in other areas. That is represented by driving up the hill and stopping at the house across the street, and worshipping and ministering to other people. Three years ago, my parents bought that exact house, across the street from their old house. That is what this scene meant. (My husband passed away January 2nd, 2020.)

Scene 2

I was driving to the south end of town, down King Hill Avenue. There was a building on the right side of the street. It had been painted white and had the words THE MARKET PLACE, written on it. There were several streets going to it. I saw that there were terrible problems in the world, and people lived in fear and dread. They would just drop dead because of their fear. But the believers, who were filled with the Spirit of God, were not afraid. The Holy Spirit spoke in their ears, and all around them, telling them what to do, and where to go, directing their every move.  I also God directing me to drive across the country, to the west.


It took time to drive from the house, to King Hill, it took exactly 15 minutes– showing the passage of time. Ed and I were married for 15 years, then we moved to Lexington, Kentucky for almost two years, and then to, Southern Missouri (in 2005). Going to the South end of town, represented our move south and to Southern Missouri. The white building represents a WORLD-WIDE MARKET PLACE. The world had changed to a time of fear and dread, and God walked closely with those filled with His Spirit. They were not afraid. The move to the west has not happened in my life yet. If it represents the church, has not happened to my knowledge at this time. 

Scene 3

I was then transported to a place that seemed like an airport. I looked across a restaurant, and above the bar, I saw the same building that I had passed earlier, but this time it was on television. It was the building that was called THE MARKET PLACE, and there was an event going on that was televised to the world. This was a WORLD-WIDE MARKET PLACE. There were several streets going to it. There was a lot of media attention as the scene was played out. I saw two prophets, everyone knew who they were. I was so sad as I watched what happened next. I knew that all believers would be shaken and distraught. They were hung at the top of THE MARKET PLACE building until they were dead. Those people who didn’t believe in God were very excited, and joyful as they watched. They gave one another gifts and celebrated as if it was a world-wide birthday. The bodies were thrown into the street and left to rot, and they were defiled. After three days, their bodies rose from the dead. They were filled with breath, and restored to normal. They hovered above the ground. God called to them, “Come up here.” They looked up, and then they ascended up to heaven. 


On November 9th, 1989 is when President Reagan urged the Russian President Gorbachov, to take down the Berlin Wall. It was at that time, that I remember, our presidents beginning to talk openly, of the United States being part of a “One World Order”. Since then, the countries of the world, have united toward that common goal. When the Berlin Wall came down, there was talk of the world coming into a state of “Economic Freedom” as they began to trade more openly with one another. I see this as the beginning of the “ONE WORLD MARKET PLACE.”  So I see the previous segment of time, as being the time when these plans were solidified. We are continuing to see this more clearly today. The two men in my dream, are the two prophets that the Bible talks about in the Book of Revelation. I believe they will be hung in the WORLD-WIDE MARKET PLACE– so at some time, I believe there will be a building that represents that place. The bodies of the two prophets will be thrown into the street and their bodies will be defiled. The world will celebrate by giving one another gifts. After three days, God will breath His breath into them, they will look up to God. He will call them to Him, and they will ascend into heaven.

Scene 4

I could see that I was driving from my lovely home. It was a large house, in the country, on acreage. It was beautiful and serene. I was wealthy. I was listening to the Holy Spirit. At a time that God knows, He told me to go warn my family, that it was the time that we had been preparing for. I drove to the house, that I knew they would all be at. That house was nice too. I went into the house where my family was at. It was clear to me that this was the Church. It seemed that the church was meeting openly at first, and after a time, in a house, or hidden place. There was teaching and preaching there, but it was hidden from the world. The people were meeting in secret. The deeper truths that were being taught, were being taught in secret. Much of the sharing of Believers, was taking place over computers, and through screens, like television screens. Some of the messages were recorded, and shared among the smaller group settings. Great care was taken, so that they would not be found out. The True Church had gone underground. There was joy there. God was moving among His people intensely . There were three kinds of family members there. At the time that the Holy Spirit instructed, I was talking to them, and telling them that they needed to leave right away and go into the hills and mountains. They needed to go, no more than 2-3 at a time, otherwise they would be tracked down and imprisoned or killed. This Scene Freezes.


In May, 2014,  I bought a property by God’s direction. God changed my original desire, to this type of property, after I lived in this area for several years. I feel that He has given me a vision to prepare ahead, for things that will happen in the future. I am not sure that this is my final destination. But feel that if not, I will have another property which is similar. Where I can be more secure in a country setting, and also help others.

This is not me claiming worldly goods out of selfish desires. But instead it is submitting to God, asking Him what He wants, and asking Him to change my desires to His. Then believing in Him, that He will bring His will to completion.

In this dream I was being physically provided for, by listening to God’s direction. When we seek the things that God wants first,  and we walk in righteousness with Him, He will add into our lives, everything we need.  And a man who saves souls is wise and wealthy. The wealth that the church and I both had, was the Salvation of many people. It also represents God’s care and concern for His Church. He will guide them, and provide for their needs, much like He did when Moses led God’s people out of Egypt.

When I talk about the house that my family members were in, I am talking about the house or building that the church is meeting in. God was moving in the church. The church was in the open at first and then went underground. At this time, we may end up meeting in homes, or locations that are under the ground. Those people that God has prepared ahead of time, will be ready to do His will. I had a sense of a great networking system among the Christians. In another dream I have had, God showed me that those Christians who are the True Believers, would begin hearing God’s direction more clearly during this time. It was as if the words he spoke to us, and the Bible verses, and things He was showing us, were ON FIRE! They burned and glowed when He was revealing His Words and His Will to us. Only those who were true believers knew this, and could see and hear what God was saying. The rest of the world could not see it.

There were three types of family members or Believers in Jesus

  1. The first family member, represents the people who are saved, but are immature in their walk with God, or are not walking as closely with Him as they should be.
  2. The second family member, represents those who are saved, and walking closely to the Holy Spirit–they are filled with the Holy Spirit–they are being directed by God. They are not afraid, and they are leading the other believers.
  3. The third family member, represents those who are false prophets, leading others astray, and who are not truly saved–but they are deceiving many.

Scene 5

I was transported into a place in the air, and the Holy Spirit was there with me. We were looking down at this scene from in from up above. He explained to me, that the Jews had the blinders removed from their eyes, and they now knew that Jesus was the Messiah. The Christians and the Jews had become one, and we were one faith. We were called ” The New Jews.” The world hated all of us. In America, the country I love, there was a strong government presence. There was also a militia (military). The government and the militia, were under a religious force-field, a wicked supernatural anointing, and they were a religious entity. They were a force of a One World Government, One World Religion, and a One World Militia (Military). They had planned to go into the houses of the Christian-Jewish believers, and slaughter them at night, while they were asleep. They were going to deceive the world, and blame it on another political group. God showed me the office, where the military men were. They said, “Let’s go kill those damn NEW JEWS!” They headed out the doors, to the house I was in with my family.

Scene 6-Back to The Family

Once again, I was in the room with my family. The militia was at the door. I hid in a closet, it was an armoire (or a wooden closet). I could see through a crack in the door. The family members let the militia in. They were looking for me. The family told them that I wasn’t there. One family member, stood behind the other two, and indicated to the militia, that I was there. I was stunned. I trusted this person, and couldn’t believe they would betray me. But here was a family member, turning me into the police, as a believer. One of the military men, made a motion to the family member in secret. They left with plans to come back later that night and I knew that they were planning to kill me. I told the family, that they had to leave their homes this night, and this is the time we had been preparing for. I walked out the back door. I started to walk into the hills. As I looked back at the house, I saw snow on the ground. I was hoping and praying that the Christian-Jewish believers (New Jews) would go only a few at a time into the hills, because they could be tracked in the snow. I was praying for the snow to cover their tracks. I turned back around, and their was a huge clap!!!!!!

Everything went black………I heard the voice of God.

It sounded like God’s voice in “The Ten Commandments.” He said……..


I shot up in bed, my eyes were jolted open, I had raised into a sitting position, and I was absolutely shocked! Everything was so real! It was a dream. How could that be? I had never had a dream like that before! I pulled the covers up to my neck and laid there shaking for three hours. I knew that this was a dream from God. In the dream, I walked in total peace but I shook now, because I was not as close to God, as I was in the dream. I knew that God would have to do a lot of changing in my life, for me to walk without fear during those trying times. I was very afraid! In the end of the dream, some major event happened, when everything went black. It was clear that we will be waiting for God to call us to be with Him–an event known to Christians as the rapture–and that He will come as a thief in the night!

It was made clear to me in the dream, that in these days, there will be a seductive, deceptive spirit over many people that we have thought were saved–and over the unsaved world. It will be worse than any deception, that has ever existed! The Word says, that even the elect would be deceived, if it were possible. When we go into our prayer closet, represented by the armoire  (wooden closet) in this dream, God will reveal to us–which people truly know Jesus, when we ask Him. He will show us, and we will be suprised. This has already begun. These are times, when we need to be listening to God, about which people in our daily lives, know and love God. I believe that there will be those who will falsely say they are saved, but they will betray the true believers to the authorities, in those very last days. The Word of God says that  during the last days, the Anti-Christ and Satan will be given power over the believers for a short time. The book of Revelation also talks about believers being persecuted and killed. We are told not to love our own lives, even unto death…this means to be faithful to God, even if it means that we will die for loving Him. I believe that God will take people out of our lives, and cause us to leave some friendships–because He will be preparing us for our safety in the future. This will be for us and our families who are believers. So if the Lord speaks to you to leave a friendship or distance yourself in a relationship, pay attention, seek Him in all that you do–your obedience to God, could be very important to your future.

There are many people in churches right now, who are saved. Some of the followers are saved, who are unknowingly, and naively following false leaders. But most of these leaders, who are not teaching the true gospel–will betray those who are really walking with Jesus! A few will wake up and follow the Holy Spirit again. They will reveal who the true believers are to the government and to the military! They will lead the enemy to God’s people!  The best thing any person can do, is to spend time, everyday, talking to the Lord, and listening to Him. Read your Bible everyday, as much as possible. Know God’s Word– find refuge in it. Make friendships with others, that you are certain, are saved. The people of God can encourage one another and stand together. Though God may lead you to befriend someone who is not saved, your closest friends should be those who are walking with God. Remember that God is your strength and He loves you. Jesus has laid His life down for you, so that you could be redeemed–and spend eternity with Him.

Compare what is being said by the leaders in your church, to God’s Word. If what the leaders are saying, doesn’t match up, then leave. Go somewhere else. To a church that preaches God’s Word. Or have fellowship, like Jesus and the disciples did in the book of Act. They met in homes with friends they could trust. Ask God to lead you and your family. He will answer your prayers and He will lead you. I have respect for many godly leaders that I have known. But the most godly saints, are not the men and women in pulpits, they are the everyday people, who are faithful to God. They love Him. They exercise the Fruit of the Spirit found in Galatians 5:22. The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Memorize these characteristics. People who spend a lot of time with the Lord, begin to display these traits, of godly character.

There is a measure of grace that God is pouring out for Salvation right now. Those of you, who have prayed for loved ones and friends to be saved, have hope! Be in prayer, as the Holy Spirit is moving. People are going to be saved! Stand in the gap for them. Don’t give up! Jesus loves them, and He loves you! He will be with you!

~I have been able to interpret this dream, over the course of many years. It was a dream for the span of my lifetime, and more than 2/3rds of it has happened. I believe the rest will happen in the course of my natural life, and I think I will be alive. But I believe it will happen as I have dreamed–whether I’m still here or not. I believe I represent in the dream, watchmen, those who are warning the body of Christ. Blessings to all, who know and love Jesus, our Savior and Messiah!~

*Revelation 11:3-12–talks about the two witnesses.

*Revelation 16:15——“Behold I come as a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that  he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed.”

*This dream was first released to the public April 21, 2011~Updated November 4, 2020, at the age of 59.

2 thoughts on “A Lifelong Dream From God- “I Will Come As A Thief In the Night!””

  1. Awesome testimonies and dreams God has given. I’m with you 100%. Since I’ve been saved I have had end time dreams too. Two weeks before 911 I got a song and was very strange. It was an end of the age song I shared with several friends on 911, that I previously invited that day. Before 911 I had several dreams of structures blowing up and people falling out of buildings – and I could say more. You continue this path you obviously know by the Spirit what’s going on. We will stay hooked up and see what God will do. I will share about 2 dreams since 2002 and a word I got in 07. God is going to wrap it up! I think soon!

    1. Yes Connie, it is exciting to see the Lord moving in our lives through His Spirit. I’m so glad He does. The Word says that He will reveal secrets to His people. I am convinced that He wants us to be awake, and aware. Most of my life, I have kept these kinds of things between my husband, and my best friend and I– unless it was specifically for someone else. Over the past few years, I am hearing the Lord’s instructions, to share some things more openly. I look forward to hearing the things the Lord has given you. I have felt that through the internet, God would knit the hearts of believers together. He is putting together a network of brother and sisters (the church). I believe at some point in the future, the church will go underground. I believe He is setting many things set up in advance. When I first dreamed this dream, the ideas in it were foreign and shocking to the few people I told it to. But this dream is no longer shocking. That says a lot about the world that we grew up in, and the world we live in today. As people say. “It is a sign of the times.” Things are falling in place, for the prophecies of the Bible to be fulfilled.

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