The Four Horses Are on the Earth Now

During the last election, people “worshipped” Obama. There were throngs who were mesmerized by him. It was shocking to see, as if a haze was settling across the nation. But if you think about it, that has been happening in other countries as well, especially in the Middle East. Religion has taken center stage. People are becoming vocal. We have time to change the future of this nation. God will honor His Word. I do not speak here of merely Democratic or Republican issues. But of praying for God to intervene. It is time for the church to wake up and do her part!

What has been prophesied in the Bible? The Book of Revelation talks about the Four Horses in Revelation. I believe they are four spirits, or four major belief systems which are present in the earth right now. They are False Religion, Communism/Socialism, Capitalism, and Islamism. I refer to Rev. 6:1-8, 1 Ezek. 1:5-10, Zech. 6:1-5 and Zech  6:6-8. Here’s what I see:

The White Horse–Represents the Spirit of  False Religion      

  • The rider wears a crown and has a bow, but he has no arrows
  • He went forth conquering and to conquer
  •  He follows the Black Horse, or Capitalism
  • This will be the most famous religious leader in North America
  • He will merge the religions together and prepare them to worship the Anti-Christ-who will claim, he is the Messiah of each religion
  • He is the Leader of the One World Religion & The False Prophet
  • The color that represents him is white, he will imitate Jesus
  • In the end Jesus comes on a white horse, and He is called Faithful and True

The Red Horse–Represents the Spirit of Communism/Socialism/Progressivism      

  • The rider was given a great sword and was granted the power to take peace from the earth and men would slay one another
  • The Great Beast–The One World Order–is Red, which means that Socialism will be the belief system adopted by the One World Order
  • The color Red is the color of Communist (Socialistic) Russia

The Black Horse–Represents Capitalism–this is the North Country                       

  • The United States, Northern Europe, Great Britain, France, Germany etc., are all here–so is Capitalism, Wealth & False Religion
  • Those that go toward the North Country, have “Quieted God’s Spirit”
  • The rider of this horse has a pair of scales in his hands, a voice cries, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a days wages). “Sounds like a stock market, bargaining, buying and selling
  • Here are other things the scales may represent: A balance of justice, of equality + fairness, A weighing of guilt + innocence, right + wrong, law + military control, Worship of God + Worship of man, good + evil
  • In the past, there were great Revivals in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Now there are great Revivals in the Southern Hemishpere
  • Are the people in the north too busy to seek God? Loving money?
  • The UN often talks about the Conflict in the North/South Hemisphere
  • Black is the color that represents Capitalism

The (Pale/Grisled/Bay) Green Horse–Represents Islamism

  • This  is the country where Death rides to and fro throughout the earth
  • Death sits on this horse, and Hades is following him
  • Authority was given to him over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, famine, pestilence, and the wild beasts of the earth
  • Death is everywhere
  • Most of the Southern Nations are Muslim/Islam, and are in great poverty
  • There are great Revivals in this area right now
  • Green is the color for Islam

The nations of the world are in spiritual warfare!

*Note: I posted this as a response to a post by Teresa Neff entitled “What is Wrong with Christian Discernment in America?” on Septemmber 6th, 2012.

Refences: Dreams and Interpretations by Teresa Neff and Carey Kennon, Irvin Baxter”s studies on Revelation, Time Magazine ( Colors of these beliefs and countries)

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