The Presence of Wonder……

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.”
~This was said by E.B. White, Author of one of my favorite books Charlotte’s Web.~

The Presence of Wonder……

~We see it as we watch the birds build their nests, the scampering squirrels, and the calves hopping through the fields.
~We hear it in the rain that washes over the day.
~We smell it in the fragrance of the basil, and the roses, on the petals of petunias, and the apples we pull from the tree.
~We taste it in the snow that falls on our tongues, and keeps falling until everything is covered in white.
~We sense it when we see a spider’s web covered in the morning dew.
~It’s the excitement of kids having a sleepover, giggling and shining flashlights through the night.
~It’s the feeling of stopping to get ice cream, on a hot summer’s night, and it is cold and divine.
~It’s the spark in the times we give and receive something we value, to someone we love.
~It is what fills our days when we are born, and saved, baptized, and married.
~It is the substance of our plans, when we have a great day.
~It is overwhelming when we are aware, that we have been protected, because God is in our lives.
~It is the starry night sky, the river in the gentle forest, and in the sparkling daylight surrounding us.
~The presence of wonder is all around us in so many ways, in the everyday miracle of our lives……if we take time to really look and see.

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