What I Think is Coming Up

Blood Moons & Israel

Tom & Rebecca Brimmer, were recently at our church, and spoke to us about their lives in Israel. He is a tour guide there, and  she is the CEO of  Bridges for Peace, an organization dedicated to reconciliation between Jews and Christians. Tom is also the baby brother of Johnetta Reed. The things they shared were very interesting. Rebecca answered a question about what the Blood Moons could mean. She answered saying that this is something that has significance according to the Bible. There is a Jewish teaching states that when  4 consecutive Blood Moons fall on Jewish Feast Days, a major event will happen which will effect the Jewish people. The 4th Blood Moon is coming up, with them all being about 6 months apart– April 15, 2014 Passover–October 8, 2014 Feast of Tabernacles–April 4, 2015 Passover–September 28, 2015 Feast of Tabernacles. It is based on the pattern of what has happened in the past. Irvin Baxter has made a very good video about this, that explains what this teaching says, including the events that have happened in history. This can be found on Facebook at “Endtime Ministries” in the Archives under “Four Blood Moons”. It is also on YouTube.

There is a special longing in my heart to see the Jews, come to know Jesus as their Messiah. God has spoken to me throughout my life in dreams. He has laid it on my heart through a dream, to pray for this, and I believe it will come to pass in my lifetime. As we are seeing throughout the world right now, Christians and Jews are both being persecuted in many countries. This is no accident, but an attack of the enemy (Satan) as the time draws nearer to the return of Jesus. We will be praying for Tom and Rebecca, as they have invested their lives to see reconciliation between Christians and Jews. Irvin Baxter’s ministry is

also invested in Israel and the Jewish people, to inform them about what the Bible says is going to take place, to help them, and to lead them to Jesus. We will also be praying for Irvin, and Israel.

I have been asked what I think is going to happen. There are a few things that we know are coming up according to the Bible. We look for there to be a war in the near future, the biggest one. We think it will be focused in the Middle East, with many Countries being involved…probably along the Euphrates River. It will likely include nuclear warfare, because the Bible talks about the number of people that will be killed, which indicates a large loss of life. There will be a Peace Treaty that will be signed between the Jews and the Palestinians. War may come before or after a peace treaty is signed. Although it could happen after the treaty is broken.

At the time the peace treaty is signed, we believe the clock will begin ticking, and the 7 years of Tribulation will begin. The first 3-1/2 years will be Tribulation. The Jews will rebuild the temple after the signing of the treaty. Everything is now prepared for that to happen. The furniture has all been made, the animals are prepared for sacrifices, the plans have been completed for the building. The Jews and the Muslims will share the temple. Both the Jews and Muslims are looking for their Messiah’s to come. The Muslims have their own version of an Apocolypse, which will not turn out as they have prophecied. Both will be disappointed as their version of what is to happen fails.

The last 3-1/2 years will be The Great Tribulation, when the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ step forward, it will get worse. The False Prophet will be accepted by most of the world’s religious people, including many who say they are Christians (which leads us to believe it could be the man who is the Pope at that time–someone with great power and authority who could deceive so many). He proclaims the Anti-Christ is the Messiah. The Anti-Christ will tell the world that he is the Messiah of all different religions, and proclaim that he is God. He will stop the animal sacrifices, as he takes on his role. He will take his seat in the Temple, which is known as the Abomilation of Desolation.

He will require everyone to take a mark (the mark of the beast) in order to buy and sell anything. The Anti-Christ will try to kill all of those who refuse to take the mark. The Bible tells us not to take the mark of the beast, and if we do, we will be lost. And for a short amount of time, God will allow the Anti-Christ to have power. At some point we will be taken in the air, to be with Jesus (The Rapture). Then The battle of Armageddon will take place, a fight between Israel and all other nations. Israel will be battling, and will have no hope left, when Jesus will come to rescue His people, and He will win. This is what I think is likely to happen. It is important for each person to search out the Word, as it is the final authority.

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