praying in the field in color

In the book Prayer and You by Cecil Osborne, he writes:  “Prayer is not what we say, but what we feel.  For instance if, from some vague sense of duty, I pray, ‘Lord, bless Mary and John, who are having marital difficulties,’ but feel relatively indifferent, my actual prayer is, ‘Lord, I don’t really care very much what happens to Mary and John.’  The spoken prayer must be in harmony with the inner feeling, or it is largely a waste of time… Intensity of desire seems to be a vital aspect of effective prayer.  It focuses one’s diffused attention upon the concern at hand.”

Yes, when in prayer, I agree that we need to feel it, and also speak it out. Both are important. When I can, I try to worship God by thanking Him for the things He is doing, or singing in worship to Him. These are things that I find help me to focus… and I believe this brings the Lord joy. My prayer times are intense, even if I only have a few minutes to talk with God—though I talk with Him throughout the day. This is because relationship with Him is everything. And to pray, is simply talking to God…communicating with Him and listening for his answers. It is giving, receiving, and walking with God throughout the day.

Nehimiah 8:10 “…the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

God is the one we are to love the most. We reflect our desire to spend time with Him, by believing He is there, all about us, guiding our way, and speaking to us. How would we feel if our mate, never spent time truly loving us, or speaking to us with meaning? If our mate only spouted off sentences that were not heartfelt, and they hoped we would answer their requests, would we be motivated to answer them? Jesus loves us so much, that He gave us His all. We need to do the same for Him. How disappointed He must feel, when we don’t even pay attention to Him. He is the most incredible being. He has given us adventure, and wants to take us on a journey with Him.

In Genesis 3, God walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden.

God has given me a heart for intercession, and when He has led me to, I have spent 4-5 hours a day in prayer, speaking to my beloved Jesus, interceding for people, and about things He has shown me. Not only that, but when I ask Him for something, I expect Him to answer my prayers. I have found—that it is just as important to spend time in prayer listening to Him. So I leave space for that in my prayer times—just listening, and waiting upon the Lord.

People who really know me, have often said, “God really talks to you doesn’t He? He answers your prayers.” He sure does. Everyday people ask me to pray for them, and I do. I have had people that I don’t even know, run into my arms sobbing, asking for a touch from God, and I knew what to do—I prayed. But that’s something that anyone can do. God wants a close relationship with each of us. The more time we spend with Him, the more we become like Him, and the easier it is to hear Him, and know His will.

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

I like to think of it this way: God has a beautiful aroma. There is nothing else that smells like it. It is the most costly and beautiful smell that there is. Where ever he goes, that smell is in the air, and all around. When we spend time with Him, that aroma gets all over us. So when we walk into a room, or touch people’s lives, or even do the smallest thing—people can smell it. They will seek out the fragrance, and run to it. They are drawn to the perfume, of the anointing of God. It is the oil that will give them healing, solve their problems, change their lives and set them free. It is Jesus that they are smelling, it isn’t us. When we spend time with Him, we smell like Him. And we can take those people, and their concerns to Him. And we do that in prayer!

*We bring them to the point of salvation in prayer!

*We are healed by going to our Savior in prayer! 

*We are delivered from bondage through prayer! 

*We know Him more through prayer! 

*There is more of Him and less of me, when I am submitted in prayer!

*I will fulfill the destiny that He has laid out for my life,

when I learn to follow the Master’s voice—and that is accomplished in prayer!

PS I liked this picture because it showed the husband and wife, they have been out working, and they are praying during that time, over their work. I can almost hear their prayers for God to bless all that they do, and what they have put their hands to. To bless the seed in the ground, and give them a good harvest. God cares about our lives and our concerns, the big things and the small things.

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