A Dream- The Church and the Rain of the Holy Spirit

THE DREAM– Before we moved to The Ozarks, I had a dream from the Lord which was an encouragement to me. I would like to share that here. I saw a building which was made of stone. It sat on a corner, in the city, and had large windows like a shop. There was a storefront and the building was 2 or 3 stories tall. The very front of the building, which sat on the corner, was made out of wood. And while the building was older, it was in good shape except for the front, which had deteriorated, and rotted in some areas. So the front was torn off. We found a cornerstone there, which was large and strong, which was left in place. It was at the front corner. And we were satisfied, that since the cornerstone was so perfect, that rest of the building had been built well. The rest of the smaller stones which were purchased to rebuild the front, looked similar to the corner stone. So the front had been rebuilt out of a light tan stones, cut in rectangles almost like brick, which matched the rest of the building. When the work was finished it was beautiful, and now every aspect of the stone building was strong. The windows had been replaced, and were made out of very heavy glass. They had been enlarged, and you could see more clearly out of them. It was now the kind of building that could handle any storm that might come along.
I looked all around the building. I walked outside and back in, through the back door. There were people in the back by the back door, and in all of the rooms of the building, who were working. They were “behind the scenes” doing all kinds of different things. They had a joy, and a peace about them. They were working well together. I really noticed this, because some of them I knew in my life, and they had made fun of me in the past. They had ridiculed me because I talked about God, and tried to live for Him. But now, because of the work that God had done in their hearts, they were respectful of me, and had a new reverence for God. I thought, “ Wow, what a change! Am I seeing this right?” When I looked down at my clothing, I was wearing a white gown, which was encrusted with pearls. My hair was long and flowing, and I was beautiful. I was sure of my life and my calling. I walked to the front of the building, and there were many good things there. People could come inside and get things to help them in their lives. Bibles, books, tools, music and all sorts of gifts. There was a sweet aroma there, and wonderful music was playing.
I walked out on the street, and looked at the outside of the building. It sat on a corner, and was almost a triangle, with the front corner being rounded off, at the corner of the street. The building was sitting on a firm foundation. There were 2 streets passing it, one on each side of the building. When the front of the building had been redone, there was also work done to the corner of the street. There was a new pole with a stoplight, where a button can be pushed when people want to cross the street, so that the lights will change quickly. The curb had also been rebuilt, like one of the handicapped curbs. So now it sloped down to the street. The sky was blue, and it began to rain. The rain became a heavy downpour, and the water was rushing down the streets, and quickly down the sloped curb. People were gathering outside the building with black umbrellas in their hands. The people kept coming until there was a huge crowd there. There was excitement, and a sense of joy in the air.
THE INTERPRETAION– The building on the corner represented the church. The people of God are really the church, not the building that we meet in. But this building represented the church as a whole, all of us together. The building was well built, just as Jesus has built the church to be strong. It is built out of stone. But the front of it was wooden, and was deteriorating, and rotten. It needed to be restored. God is the Master Builder, and Jesus is the Cornerstone. Jesus is perfect in every way. God is going to tear off the rotten parts of the church, and rebuild the rest of the foundation, and front of it, out of stone. Those stones are going to represent Jesus. He is going to bring conviction, and His discipline to the church, so that the church can be pure.
I see God waking people up, and Him leading them. I think about all of the rotten things, that many people are doing today, in the name of the Lord. They have given the church a bad name. Their fruit is rotten and their lives are putrid. There is going to be a huge separation between those who are sheep walking with Jesus, and the goats who are not. The Word tells us this. He will remove the scales of deception from their eyes. I see many who have been lukewarm in their walk with God, being changed by the Holy Spirit, so that they will have a burning fire for Jesus in their hearts. Many false teachers, and those who are wayward, will still be there. But those who are faithfully walking with God, will see who they are, through the unction of His Holy Spirit. God is going to make the people of the true church, strong and solid, representing Jesus. This church will be filled with His people doing His good works behind the scenes. I see God healing marriages, restoring relationships for some, and separating others from relationships, so that God’s purposes can be fulfilled. God is going to restore His church.
As I walked through the building, I was representing the church as the bride of Christ. He is going to come for a bride that is spotless, wearing white, just as I was wearing white, worthy of Jesus. She will be rewarded in heaven, which is represented by the pearls on the gown. She was beautiful and perfect. I do not see myself this way in my real life, but in this dream, I was in a perfected form, as I represented the church. In the front of the building, the Holy Spirit was moving, and His Presence was all around the building. He was guiding his people, instructing them about the work He wanted them to do. He was helping them to do the work. He was helping them to get along together, and to love one another. He was speaking to them, and giving them joy. He was drawing people to Him. He was giving them the Word of God, and counsel, the Gifts of the Spirit and many other gifts. He was literally putting physical tools, and spiritual tools into the hands of His people. The Holy Spirit was the sweet aroma, and there was wonderful worship. He will pour a great anointing upon the people to do these things.
I believe that the stop light, with a button that can be pushed to speed up that changing of lights– represents people being stopped by God, and He will hasten His work in them, causing them to understand things more quickly than in the past. This is because they will need His knowledge to deal with situations in their lives. The rain, is the Holy Spirit coming down upon the people. He will draw them to Him. He will come upon the people as a heavy, penetrating rain. There will be Revival, and the Holy Spirit will move in a mighty way. There are 2 reasons the sloped curbs are put onto the street corners. One is to accommodate those who are handicapped, so they can walk down the curb more easily. I believe that there will be a handicapping of the church as we know it. Because of that, God will show His people how to overcome their obstacles. The other, is so that the water can run off of the sidewalks more quickly, so that the water doesn’t pool up, and there isn’t flooding. This is how great the rain of the Holy Spirit is going to be.
Lastly there was a huge crowd that came, and the people were carrying black umbrellas in their hands. This reminds me of people at funerals, carrying black umbrellas, and opening them in the rain. This represents troubled times that will come. There will be the death of things that have been good in the past. God will use these situations to draw people to Himself through Revival. Many will open their hearts during this time, that would not come to know God any other way. People will be seeking truth from God. They will be seeking His Spirit to give them direction. They will turn to other people who know God, asking for guidance. And God will answer them, and give them guidance, and His Holy Spirit, to comfort and direct them. I believe we will see God do many miraculous things in the church at that time. The Holy Spirit will rain mightily upon His people.
Joel 2:28-29 “I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.”
Isaiah 44:3 “For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.”

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